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5 feb. 2011

UNREST IN #EGYPT !! Hoy sábado en Egipto vía ROUTERS UK

  • "Prayers at Egyptian museum. Soldiers on the scene." via @fpleitgenCNN
    by storyful at 13:07
    • The message from Europe to Egypt today is, 'After Mubarak, don't rush election.' European powers Germany and Britain have urged Egypt to change leaders rapidly but take its time holding elections, saying traditions of tolerance and fairness had to be built to make democracy work. uk.reuters.com
      by Reuters_RossChainey at 12:56
    • Egypt's Finance Minister says 1.5 billion Egyptian pounds have been set aside to finance wheat purchases. That's about $250 million.
      by Reuters_RossChainey at 12:51
      • Eye witness reports of the explosion at a gas pipeline in northern Egypt said the blast was huge. Our picture below appears to back this up.
        by Reuters_RossChainey at 12:50

        • Flames are seen at the site of a pipeline blast in North Sinai February 5, 2011. REUTERS/Stringe
          by Reuters_RossChainey at 12:48
          • If you are just joining us, here's a quick recap of the latest events in Egypt:

            - Saboteurs blew up a gas pipeline in northern Egypt in a further sign of the country's instability on a 12th day of demonstrations on Saturday against the 30-year-rule of President Hosni Mubarak.

            - Mubarak, who has reshuffled his government but refused to step down, met some of the new ministers on Saturday, the state news agency said, in a clear rebuff to the hundreds of thousands of people publicly demanding the 82-year-old leader step down.

            - Western governments have expressed support for the demonstrators but some were cautious about expecting too much too fast.

            "There will be change in Egypt ... but it needs to be change in such a way that it is peaceful and orderly," German Chancellor Angela Merkel told a security conference in Munich where world leaders will discuss how to proceed.

            At the same time, British Prime Minister David Cameron called for a rapid transition to new leadership and political reform.

            "The longer it is put off, the more likely we are to get an Egypt we wouldn't welcome," he said.

            - Vice President Omar Suleiman was due to meet a group of prominent figures on Saturday to examine a proposed solution under which he would assume the president's powers for an interim period, one of the group's members said.

            But with some of the protesters insisting they wanted not just Mubarak but also his allies out, it was unclear that would be enough to end the crisis.

            - the prime minister said on Friday that it was unlikely the president would hand presidential powers to his newly appointed deputy, Al Arabiya television reported.

            "We need the president to stay for legislative reasons," Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq was quoted as saying in a headline.

            by Reuters_RossChainey at 12:40
            • Egypt's stock exchange will remain closed on Monday, despite earlier reports that it would reopen. The reopening will be announced 48 hours beforehand, a bourse official said.
              by Reuters_RossChainey at 12:37
              • Egypt's Trade Minister says, because of the curfew and protests, exports are down 6 percent this month. He also announced extra food supplies to stabilise prices in the market and to avoid shortages.
                by Reuters_RossChainey at 12:34
                • The message from the progressive and decent world to the dictators & corrupt politicians should be not only the end of dictatorship but to have accountable democratic governments without corruption
                  comment by Naushad Chowdhury at 12:25
                  • It's worth noting that a senior security source has denied the report of an assassination attempt on Egypt's VP Omar Suleiman.
                    by Reuters_RossChainey at 12:24

                    • An opposition supporter makes the victory sign while resting near Tahrir Square in Cairo, February 5, 2011. REUTERS/Suhaib Salem
                      by Allan Shifman at 12:21
                      • Clinton: The U.S. supports Egypt transition "as orderly but as expeditiously as possible."
                        by Reuters_RossChainey at 12:16
                        • More from Clinton. She says there is great economic pressure building up in Egypt. Some estimates say Egypt is losing $300 million a day due to the troubles.
                          by Reuters_RossChainey at 12:15
                          • by Reuters_RossChainey at 12:13
                            • Clinton goes on to say that news reports of an assassination attempt on Egypt's Vice-President shows the challenges posed by a transition of power.
                              by Reuters_RossChainey at 12:12

                              • Opposition supporters sleep near Tahrir Square in Cairo February 5, 2011. REUTERS/Suhaib Salem
                                by Allan Shifman at 12:11

                                • “Burned police car in Tahrir, people turned it to garbage dumpster." via @shadyramadan
                                  by storyful at 11:56
                                  • Clinton: "The region is being battered by a perfect storm of powerful trends. This is what has driven demonstrators into the streets of Tunis, Cairo, and cities throughout the region. The status quo is simply not sustainable."
                                    by Reuters_RossChainey at 11:46
                                    • The U.S. embassy in Yemen has called on opposition groups on Saturday to refrain from "provocative action" and talk to the government. uk.reuters.com
                                      by Reuters_RossChainey at 11:40
                                      • Following the unrest in Tunisia and Egypt, could Yemen be next? The poor Arab country has already seen large street protests and a "Day of Rage" aimed at President Ali Abdullah Saleh's rule.
                                        by Reuters_RossChainey at 11:39
                                        • Clinton adds that some leaders in the Middle East are wrong to believe they are immune to the spreading political threat.
                                          by Reuters_RossChainey at 11:37
                                          • More calls for change from world leaders, this time from U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Also speaking from Munich, she warns of a 'perfect storm' in the Middle East, and urges broad reforms in the region. She says moves to "deliberate, inclusive, transparent" democracy are the best antidote to Middle East unrest.
                                            by Reuters_RossChainey at 11:37
                                            • My colleague Bill MacLean on Cameron's comments:

                                              "A rapid transition to a new leadership and political reform in Egypt is essential, because delay would produce an unstable country that the West would not welcome, Prime Minister David Cameron said on Saturday.

                                              "There is no stability in Egypt. We need change, reform and transition to get stability," he told a security conference in Germany, adding that change had to be rapid. "The longer that is put off, the more likely we are to get an Egypt that we wouldn't welcome."
                                              by Reuters_RossChainey at 11:25
                                              • @pjcrowley tweets: "Tahrir: Quiet, tens of thousands, few sporadic conflicts w/ soldiers this AM who tried to remove barricades protecting protest."
                                                by Reuters_RossChainey at 11:19

                                                • Volunteers sweep up the steets of Cairo via @drnemovet
                                                  by storyful at 11:16
                                                  • Cameron, Merkel and UN Sec-Gen Ban Ki-moon were speaking from a security conference in Munich, by the way. Reuters' David Brunnstrom and Andreas Rink have this on Merkel's comments:

                                                    "Holding early elections in Egypt at the start of a process of democratic reform would not be helpful, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Saturday.

                                                    "Early elections at the beginning of the democratisation process is probably the wrong approach," Merkel told a security conference in Munich in reference to the anti-government unrest in Egypt.

                                                    While European leaders want to see the creation of a broad-based government in Egypt, many are wary of President Hosni Mubarak being immediately ousted or resigning, which could lead to a power vacuum filled by more violence or by religious militancy."
                                                    by Reuters_RossChainey at 11:13
                                                    • @Dakiman78 tweets: "How many more days can the anti-Mubarak protesters endure at the Tahrir sq? Doesn't seem like their stubborn leader is troubled one bit..."
                                                      by Reuters_RossChainey at 11:09
                                                      • @abdalla_abdalla tweets: "#tahrir square is packing up again..."
                                                        by Reuters_RossChainey at 11:08
                                                        • Journalist @Theodore_May tweets: "Have been released after an hour+ detention by the military for filming with a Flip cam in Tahrir. #Egypt #Jan25"
                                                          by Reuters_RossChainey at 11:06
                                                          • It's just after noon in Egypt, and the situation seems to be a lot calmer today. Here's a few tweets from the ground.
                                                            by Reuters_RossChainey at 11:06
                                                            • Cameron: The longer change is put off in Egypt, the more likely we are to get "an Egypt we wouldn't welcome."
                                                              by Reuters_RossChainey at 10:54
                                                              • UK PM David Cameron joins other world leaders calling for an orderly transition of power in Egypt. "There is no stability in Egypt, we need change, reform and transition to get stability," he said
                                                                by Reuters_RossChainey at 10:53

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